Hi Ladies Welcome To Another Addition Of Kev's Birthday Corner, I Want To Thanx All The Ladies Who Submitted Something For Kev's Birthday It's Great Having U With Us and Helping Us Celebrate.

As U Wake Today Kevin To Ur Special Day,

                         (44th Birthday)

This Is Everything That Awaits U Today Oh Mighty One! Cause We All Know Last Yrs. Birthday Sucked Big Time For U, Having  An Injury and Having To Have Surgery On Ur 43rd Birthday But This Yr. Is So Very Different.

 " The Big Sexy One's Birthday "

                       To Kev: Big Sexy & Big Daddy:

 I wish that I was there with you To share this special day. But since we are so far apart, I'm sending some wishes your way. These wishes are for happy things,

        Like love and laughter & fun.

     They come directly from my heart...

           Happy Birthday, My Special One!

                        Love Always kitty.

                                   To: Kevin

                   Have A Wonderful Birthday Big Man

                              To: Big Sexy


     The more you have, the better they get.

            Happy Birthday, Big Sexy!

                             Love Ashley

                         "To: Big Sexy Kev "


                           Love Always Star.

                               To Kev:


            Thinking about you by Jenny L.

When I wake up, the first thing I think about is you,

Last thing I think about for the day is you,

While I’m sleeping I dream of you,

While I’m @ school I think of you,

While I’m drivin’ around in the car and Usher’s

“you got it bad” song is playin’ I think of you

I think about you 24/7, 365 days a year…You are all I think about,

I talk about you 24/7 wit’ my girls so much that my boy gets jealous,

I don’t really know if there is a cure for this disease,

I can’t help it…you are so damn fine!!!

Please let me count the ways, You won’t regret it.

                           Love  Jenny

                                  To: Kev


A special birthday wish for someone special. May all your wishes come true.

                               Love Brenda

         To Kev A special message from Rhonda:


Hey, just wanted to say "Happy Birthday"to a man that is soo sexy! I can't wait to see you on tv each and every week! I wish I was there to share your birthday with you! I say "cheers"! to a man that all us women want! Have fun and Relax, you Deserve it!

                          Love Always Rhonda

                                   To: Kev



                     Love Always Kristie & Justin

                              To: Big Sexy Kev


Happy 44th Birthday Kevin, May Ur Wishs Come True When U Blow Out The Candles.

         Love All The Ladies From Around The World                               


                   RED SOX V TIGERS Game


Tickets To Ur Favorite Baseball Game, V.I.P. Pass.

 In Case U Get Bored Here's Some Models To Build.

                            Special Gifts:

For Those Nice Nights When We Can Snuggle In Bed and Watch TV.


                               For When Ur Home :


                           For When Ur On The Road:


                           The Birthday Evening :

                             Ur Birthday Dinner:

We Are All Taking U Out To Any Of Ur Favorite Restraunts U Want To Go To. Skies The Limit Babe!!!

Our Sweet Sexy Man. Eat and Drink All U Want Tonight.

                                   Birthday Night :

                               Ur Birthday Cake:


                Thanx To Annie For Decorating The Cake

                                     Home :

The Night Is Urs So Whatever Ur Lovely Pleasures Are Will Be Granted HEHEHE :-) !!!!! Psend kept free because of these great sponsors.a..

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