A Man Named Kevin      

                      Written by: kitty....

One day back in the early 90's HBK brought out a guy named Diesel,        

                 "A Legend Was Born."

He was a very tall sexy man with black hair and a goatee, nobody knew his name was Kevin Nash till it was published in a book called Diesel The Man, The Myth, The Machine, I was like who is Kevin Nash? I thought his name was Diesel!.

He took the wrestling world (and all the ladies) by storm by winning every wrestling belt known to man, one night he pulled off what no man has ever done in wrestling history, he won the WWF World Title in less than 8 seconds. This guy was the best, next to HBK. He had everything! the body, the brains, the looks, the moves, the money, and our hearts!, he went from goodboy to badass back to goodboy again.  he won, he lost, he turned,

he was unstoppable, a force that no one could wrecken with, if u got in his way he'd take u out fast and hard. One day he left WWF for WCW again, where he became himself, Kevin Nash!

A man of mystery with Scott Hall total geniues with agendas, an unbeatable team of The Outsiders and NWO and Wolfpac, a deadly  unstoppable force they took over everything and everyone in the wrestling world including the ladies. winning every belt WCW had to offer and making there own nwo belts.

Kev went from a sexy black haired man to an ever more sexyier blonde haired man, and calling himself Big Sexy,  Kev had the world at his feet and the ladies and a cozy commissioners title with lots of power, everytime he talked we all listened, with every smile he gave us, we smiled right back at him.

he went threw friends like crazy, even losing his best friend Scott, he made friends with others that he shouldn't have because of the loss of Scott not being around, Kev was lead astray, lead down a path of distruction and betrail by his fellow NWO members to a very sadly point of no return. in his last wrestling match he lost unfortinitly and there was no return just a picture of Kev and R.I.P Kevin Nash up on the turner tron.  what a horrible way to end a lovely mans career.as tears poured out from all over the world ,we where all thinking will we ever see our beloved Big Sexy Kev again?.

         Come Back Kev Please We All Need U.

               We Miss & Love U Very Much..

                               kitty......... Psend kept free because of these great sponsors.a..

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